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Links to Other Hume Resources on the Web

Electronic Editions of Hume’s Texts

This site now contains, we believe, by far the best public-domain versions of most of Hume’s main philosophical texts. However Miller’s excellent edition of the Essays is available on the web through EconLib, and is particularly useful since we have not yet completed our edition of all of these:

Essays, Moral, Political and Literary (1741-, 1777)

Since this site does not (yet) contain an edition of Hume’s History of England, those wishing to read it online are advised to use the scanned edition stored at the University of Michigan:

The History of England

“Translations” into Modern English

The eminent philosopher and scholar Jonathan Bennett - at his excellent site - has undertaken the translation of several of Hume’s texts into modern English. These translations preserve much of the style of the originals, and their argumentative structure, but replace the eighteenth century words and phrases that can cause serious difficulty for non-specialist readers. The complete files are downloadable as PDFs, and can be found here:

Miscellaneous Hume Links

We would be glad to receive suggestions for other high-quality sites to which we might helpfully link. Unfortunately, it seems that many previously useful sites are now no longer functional, or else contain a high proportion of outdated references.