Hume Texts Online


Hume Texts Online is a free and open access collection of works by the great Enlightenment thinker, David Hume, together with bibliographies and links to Hume scholarship on the web. The site is developed and maintained by Amyas Merivale, and the texts are edited by Amyas Merivale and Peter Millican.

The site includes every philosophical text that Hume published, in accurate editions that faithfully represent the original 18th century publications, but without neglecting the advantages of modern online texts. Hume scholars will find, we hope, everything that they would expect from a modern edition, such as standard footnote and paragraph numbers, page numbers for the most frequently cited editions, and some minimal editing in cases of clear error, or for changes sanctioned by Hume himself (in ERRATA sheets or modifications in his own hand on some original copies).

Thanks to the National Library of Scotland and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, we are also able to reproduce here high-quality digital images of Hume’s manuscript of the Dialogues concerning Natural Religion. These pages are made available alongside the text of the first posthumous 1779 edition.