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Amyas Merivale’s Papers and Talks on Hume

Amyas Merivale (known as Henry in person, but also answers to Amyas if you know how to pronounce it) works on the philosophy of language and early modern philosophy. I also have a keen interest in digital humanities, and created this site.




  • “Hume’s Mature Account of the Indirect Passions”

    37th International Hume Conference, Antwerp, July 2010

  • “Hume’s Attack on Superstition in the Natural History of Religion

    Hume on Morality and Religion: Tercentennial Hume Workshop, St Andrews, March 2011

  • “Mixed Feelings, Mixed Metaphors: Hume on Tragic Pleasure”

    38th International Hume Conference, Edinburgh, July 2011

  • “The Unity of Hume’s Four Dissertations

    45th International Hume Conference, Budapest, July 2018